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Bug#680674: transition: leptonlib

Julien Cristau wrote:

> Agreed.  Either this happens or leptonlib and friends get removed from
> wheezy, IMO.

Thanks for looking it over.  Is that a "please go ahead" or a "yes,
this is the right thing to do when the moment is right"?

I can see at least two options:

 a. Upload [1] right away to fix leptonlib bugs #681570 and #681574
    without starting a transition.

    This makes fixing tesseract bug #680598 (hardcoded library
    dependency) possible using the patch in that bug log, which would
    make any future transitions easier.

    Finally, when the release team gives the signal, upload leptonlib
    with the corrected package name (fixing bug#664176).  The
    transition should be smooth --- all it would take is a tesseract

 b. Wait for release team signal, and then upload leptonlib with the
    corrected package name, which automatically fixes all three of its
    RC bugs.

    Upload the fix to tesseract bug #680598 from the bug log at the
    same time (the Build-Depends ensures appropriate build ordering)
    to bring about the transition.

 c. Something that does not involve fixing bug#664176 (package name not
    varying with soname)

My preference is (b), but (a) or (c) is fine, too.


[1] http://alioth.debian.org/~jrnieder-guest/temp/leptonlib_1.69-3.1.dsc

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