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Bug#682005: unblock: aircrack-ng/1:1.1-4

On Thu, 2012-07-19 at 00:06 +0200, Julien Cristau wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 00:00:09 +0200, Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez wrote:
> > The version on unstable (1:1.1-3) was introduced before the freeze but
> > not before enough to make into testing, so the actual version on
> > unstable has an automatic freeze exception (that at practical effects I
> > understand that it counts as if the package made to testing)
> > 
> No it doesn't count as if it was in testing at all.

Indeed.  The only practical effect of the auto-exception is that the
_specific version_ of the package gets a review-free pass.  As soon as
that's not the version under consideration for migration then the free
pass goes away.

See the last paragraph of the first section of



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