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Re: fglrx [non-free] status for wheezy

On 2012-07-11 21:43, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
> Before proceeding with uploading these changes I have two questions:
> * can we expect a freeze exception for fglrx-legacy-driver
>   - a new source package, but based on fglrx-driver)?
> * can we expect a freeze exception for fglrx-driver
>   - for a new upstream release
>   - a single binary package rename
>   (compared to what is currently in sid and has an automatic freeze
> exception, but is RC buggy) -- only in case a new upstream release
> actually arrives in time and fixes the RC bug?

* anbe is waiting for a reply on
https://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2012/07/msg00671.html before
proceeding with fglrx
<jcristau> anbe: i don't think we'll want to add a new package
<jcristau> one fglrx is enough
<jcristau> (arguably one fglrx is one too many)
<anbe> jcristau, when trying to get at least one working fglrx into
wheezy (and provide fglrx-legacy-driver in wheezy-backports), can we get
a package rename (libxvbaw1 -> libfglrx-amdxvba1) done for wheezy?
(libxvbaw1 is not in squeeze, only bpo, and would conflict with -legacy)
this would simplify things to do for wheezy+1
<jcristau> anbe: i assume it has no reverse deps
<jcristau> anbe: in which case i don't care
<anbe> ok
<anbe> jcristau, may I post your answers here in a reply to my original
<jcristau> sure


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