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Re: freeze exception qpdf versioned symbols?

Hello Jay,

and thanks for checking with us.

Jay Berkenbilt <qjb@debian.org> (14/07/2012):
> If you would grant a freeze exception for a patch to the existing
> version of qpdf to enable symbol versioning, I would prepare an upload
> and then request a freeze exception on the specific version.  If not,
> it doesn't really matter...the next upload to unstable for version
> 3.0.0 and libqpdf8 (now libqpdf3) will have symbol versions enabled
> regardless, and as I said, there are no packages in the archive at
> all, let alone library packages, that currently depend on qpdf.

I must confess I'm not really fluent with symbol versioning, but I think
a patch enabling it for the current package with no further changes
could be worth an unblock. Feel free to propose a source debdiff (or to
upload it), and we'll review that.


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