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Re: Freeze unblock for hotssh


Javi Merino <vicho@debian.org> (10/07/2012):
> hotssh was removed from wheezy on the 8th July[0] due to RC bug
> #654475[1] .  I've fixed it.  If I upload it to unstable, will I get a
> freeze exception?

if I understand the bug log right:
| Bug reassigned from package 'postler' to 'hotssh'. Request was from
| Alexander Reichle-Schmehl <tolimar@debian.org> to
| control@bugs.debian.org. (Tue, 03 Jan 2012 21:31:10 GMT)

This means an RC bug was left unfixed for half a year; also, I think all
release team members agree it's way too late to let any new packages
into testing at this point, unless there's a good reason to do so. I'm
not sure hotssh qualifies.

> The debdiff is attached.  diff fails to see that waf is a python
> script because of the binary it contains at the end, so I'm attaching
> its diff as well.

(That waf thing is insane.)

Feel free to fix the package by uploading to unstable anyway. If it's in
shape by the time wheezy is released, it should migrate to testing soon
after that, and you'll be able to upload a backport to wheezy-backports
when it's available.


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