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Re: Consider blocking svn2cl


assuming that by squeeze you actually meant wheezy:

Arthur de Jong <adejong@debian.org> (10/07/2012):
> I recently uploaded an svn2cl package to provide functionality that was
> in the subversion-tools package before but has been moved out as of
> subversion 1.7.
> However, subversion 1.7 is currently blocked so it would be confusing to
> have an uninstallable (due to breaks/replaces) svn2cl package in squeeze
> if subversion 1.7 doesn't get in.

svn2cl is installable in wheezy, there's no needed for subversion 1.7.

> Could you consider removing svn2cl from squeeze and link migration of
> svn2cl to the subversion transition so that they can migrate together
> (or is there some bug magic that I can do to make it work)?

Well, if you depended on subversion (>= 1.7), migration to testing would
be “linked” through this dependency.

As a reminder, we currently have that in svn2cl:
| Replaces: subversion-tools (<< 1.7.5-1)
| Depends: subversion (>= 1.5), xsltproc
| Breaks: subversion-tools (<< 1.7.5-1)

I'm not sure what you want us to do here.


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