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Re: Eucalyptus in Debian

Hi Brian,

Brian Thomason <brian.thomason@eucalyptus.com> (14/07/2012):
> After your speech  Neil, you made it clear that not many freeze
> exceptions would be made given the ample amount of forewarning for
> this freeze along with the (hopefully) quick freeze cycle that will
> take place this time around.  I spoke with Neil and he suggested I
> email here to give it a shot.
> […]

thanks for the details.

> Eucalyptus is a leaf package, and we have a good team in place (copied
> on the email here) to commit to maintaining it for the entire Wheezy
> cycle.  We also have plans to issue updates via backports.
> I hereby humbly request a freeze exception be made for Eucalyptus.

Given it's still not in unstable, we can't unblock it anyway. It looks
to me like the best course of action for eucalyptus right now is to go
through wheezy-backports once it's open (usually that happens a few
hours/days after the release).

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