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Eucalyptus in Debian

Hello all,

I hope you're enjoying the debconf wrapup today.  It was a pleasure
meeting you both, Adam and Neil.

After your speech  Neil, you made it clear that not many freeze
exceptions would be made given the ample amount of forewarning for
this freeze along with the (hopefully) quick freeze cycle that will
take place this time around.  I spoke with Neil and he suggested I
email here to give it a shot.

First of all, I want to make it clear that we do respect the freeze
dates and weren't trying to weasel in at the last second (we uploaded
the day before freeze and are currently still in the NEW queue) - it
just happened to work out that way.  If you look at my QA page, you
can see that I've been adding/updating the fairly long list of Java
deps that we knew we would need for quite some time in preparation.
Unfortunately, Eucalyptus itself wasn't in shippable shape until the
week of the freeze.  We were also waiting for GWT to enable our web
interface but went ahead and built without it to get it uploaded as
soon as we could.  We had contracted out that work to another Debian
Developer, Chris Halls, over at his consulting company credativ.
Ironically, it beat the freeze :-)

We had just released our first full Open Source offering in many years
the Monday of the week of the freeze.  I spent the rest of the week
with our engineers getting it to work in Debian (mainly due to the
recent update to guava).

Eucalyptus is a leaf package, and we have a good team in place (copied
on the email here) to commit to maintaining it for the entire Wheezy
cycle.  We also have plans to issue updates via backports.

I hereby humbly request a freeze exception be made for Eucalyptus.

Best regards,

Brian Thomason

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