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Re: asterisk

On Fri, Jul 13, 2012 at 06:58:06 +0100, Nicholas Bamber wrote:

> The full list of affected packages/arches is:

Instead I've scheduled binNMUs for all packages in sid that had a
dependency on libmysqlclient18 that wasn't 5.5.24.

As in:
select 'nmu ' || source.source || '_' || source.version || ' . ' ||
string_agg(arch_string, ' ') || E' . -m \'Rebuild against
libmysqlclient18 with versioned symbols\'' from binaries_suite_arch as
bsa left join source on bsa.source = source.id left join suite on
suite.id = bsa.suite left join binaries_metadata as bm on bm.bin_id =
bsa.bin left join metadata_keys as mk on bm.key_id = mk.key_id where
suite.suite_name = 'unstable' and mk.key = 'Depends' and bm.value LIKE
'%libmysqlclient18%' and bm.value not like '%libmysqlclient18 (>=
5.5.24%' group by source.source, source.version;
and then filtering out mysql-5.5 itself.


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