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Bug#681274: pu: package clamav/0.97.3+dfsg-1~squeeze1

tags 681274 + squeeze pending

On 11.07.2012 21:43, Scott Kitterman wrote:
Multiple security issues fixed, but too minor for a DSA, see:

I probably grumbled on IRC already, but filing the bug before the upload is generally

Also the usual desire to keep clamav current to that A/V capability doesn't
atrophy in the stable release.

As a bonus, fixes some long standing packaging bugs (including one RC).

The diff attached is of the Debian directory.  Upstream diff is a bit

It doesn't actually seem as bad as I feared based on that description :-) - particularly
once the build system and translation noise is removed.

I've tested in a stable chroot that all the packages are installable, clamd and freshclam still run and work and that all the clamav testfiles are still detected. The clamav-milter starts and runs as well, but I don't use it so
I've got no good way to test it.

Thanks. I've just flagged the package for acceptance in to proposed-updates; we can potentially look at releasing it via stable-updates as well once it's had chance to build
everywhere (and possibly after some more testing).



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