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Re: Fixing #654506 and #674386 in Wheezy

Am 11.07.2012 14:20, schrieb Mehdi Dogguy:
We would like to fix #654506 and #674386 in Wheezy. Unfortunately, we
are not able to accept supercollider/1:3.5.2-1 from Unstable since the
changes are quite large. Usually, we ask the maintainer to prepare an
upload based on testing's source package and targeting
testing-proposed-updates. But for this specific case, I'm not sure what
would the best step forward as you seem not interested in
fixing #674386 (cf. [1]).

From a quick glance it looks like fixing #674386 would be as easy as doing 's/DEB_BUILDDIR/DEB_SRCDIR/' in debian/rules.

 - Fabian

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