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Re: Would a new upstream release for Flare game with little dependencies/impact be granted?


Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo <manuel.montezelo@gmail.com> (08/07/2012):
> IMO the best things about the game are that it's relatively low on
> resources and dependencies (so highly available across arches and old
> computers or small devices), yet quite polished and focused on
> delivering a good experience.  It's picking up a lot of momentum with
> quite a few contributors.  Even if Wheezy is released within this
> year, 0.15 would be quite behind the current state of the game.
> So the question is, would it be possible to wait a bit and let 0.16
> series to stabilise and package it for Wheezy; or is this completely
> ruled out?

given the freeze has started already, and there's nothing like a stable
release for the 0.16 series, it looks to me like the best way to go for
your package is backports to wheezy-backports once wheezy is released.


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