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Would a new upstream release for Flare game with little dependencies/impact be granted?


The game "flare" is based on SDL libraries only and with no
dependencies outside that.  The first release of the game was in 2010.
 The initial version in Debian was 0.14 in october 2011, followed by
0.15.1 by the turn of the year.  It quickly reached (and stabilised)
on popcon of ~100 even without being present in a stable release.

Upstream released 0.16 yesterday [1], it might be a bit premature to
try to get into unstable though, since there might be bug-fix releases
soon.  And then there's the problem of having to keep the same version
in unstable and testing because of the Debian bug fixes for wheezy.

[1] http://clintbellanger.net/rpg/blog/20120707

IMO the best things about the game are that it's relatively low on
resources and dependencies (so highly available across arches and old
computers or small devices), yet quite polished and focused on
delivering a good experience.  It's picking up a lot of momentum with
quite a few contributors.  Even if Wheezy is released within this
year, 0.15 would be quite behind the current state of the game.

So the question is, would it be possible to wait a bit and let 0.16
series to stabilise and package it for Wheezy; or is this completely
ruled out?


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