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Bug#678671: pu: package vte/1:0.24.3-4

tags 678671 + squeeze pending

On Sat, 2012-06-23 at 18:37 +0200, Josselin Mouette wrote:
> I’ve uploaded a new vte package to stable, to fix CVE-2012-2738 (Debian 
> #677717). The two patches are present in vte3/1:0.32.2-1. I’ve 
> backported them to vte/1:0.28.2-5 for unstable, and to vte/1:0.24.3-4 
> for stable.
> I’m attaching the two patches.

I've just flagged the package for acceptance; thanks.  Filing the bug
before uploading and attaching a full debdiff is still (predictably)



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