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Re: Britney-tests git repository

On 2012-06-29 17:13, Mehdi Dogguy wrote:
> [ Sending this message to known, to me, users of britney-tests.git ]
> Hi,


Thanks for doing this.

> The Git repository britney-tests.git grew significantly since we added
> live-data tests. (Its current size is, iirc, 1.3G).
> In many situations, and especially for people that want to just have a
> look at the test-suite, cloning the repository is quite a pita since the
> cloned data is pretty huge for no benefit.

Indeed.  Though while our current test suite does cover some cases, I
have found that the live-data are by far better regression tests.  They
have a lot of "interesting cases" left in them that has not been
coverted to minimal tests.
  So for actual changes to Britney2, I would highly recommend also
running them.  Though I am not sure how useful they are to SAT-Britney
(beyond performance testing), since the "expected" result is currently
tailored for Britney2[1].

[1] Where "tailored" was the output of Britney2 a while back.  It works
for finding unexpected "output changes".

> I've tried to enhance the situation by splitting the repository and
> creating a new one for the live-data tests.
> [...]
> For your convenience, I've added a small paragraph about
> britney-tests-live-data.git in the README file in britney2-tests.git
> If we find this useful, we can replace the current britney-tests.git
> with britney2-tests.git.
> Comments are welcome.
> Best,

I believe it would be counter productive for us to have two "active"
test repositories (e.g. people committing to the wrong repository), so I
have disabled our "old" one (with a note).


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