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Re: Bits from the Release Team: Final countdown!

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Le 26/06/2012 18:59, Neil McGovern a écrit :
> Hi,
> Anything in the NEW queue will not count towards the unblock. If it's necessary for an rc fix, explain that to us, otherwise it's probably not going to make it.

ocl-icd is a very young package, both upstream and in Debian (first
upstream release and first upload to Debian in June).
  ocl-icd provides a free alternative to non-free OpenCL ICD Loader
provided by AMD/NVidia/Intel/... When someone programs in OpenCL,
it usually needs an OpenCL ICD Loader and one or more ICD (ie OpenCL
implementations). For information, an ICD Loader is a small shared
library acting as a call dispatcher to real OpenCL implementations
(called ICD)
  ocl-icd is small and the core code should not change a lot until
OpenCL 1.3 or more appears. The core code of the version already in
testing is very similar to the one waiting in NEW.

  The version waiting in NEW propose the following improvements:
- - dependencies (Depends/Provides/...) better suited to allow smooth
  replacement of non-free ICD Loader by this one
- - the ICD loader can look for its config files elsewhere than in
  the fixed default place (/etc/OpenCL/vendors) by setting an
  envvar (very useful in "make check" target of ICD that want to
  test themselves without root access to write in
- - a pkg-config file in ocl-icd-dev (package useful to build ICD,
  not OpenCL programs)
- - a new package (ocl-icd-opencl-dev) that can be used as
  build-dependency when compiling OpenCL programs. This package
  also includes a pkg-config file.

  ocl-icd did not have any reverse dependencies in wheezy and it
wont have any (in wheezy) because:
- - no free ICD that would use it is packaged (I'm looking at
  pocl but it is too young to be really used and packaged)
- - no OpenCL programs depends on it in main as they would need
  an ICD to work, and all ICD are non-free for now (so the
  OpenCL program should go to contrib, not main)

  So, users of ocl-icd in wheezy will be mainly upstream developers
of free ICD (pocl, socl, ...) and the users that try to compile
these ICD. It seems to me important to offer them a good packaging
of this software (with pkg-config files, ...)
  We would like that people working on OpenCL have the possibility
to use as much as possible free software.

  Considering the young of the package (upstream and in Debian),
the fact that this is a free replacement of non-free packages, the
fact that we are at the beginning of the freeze, the fact that there
is no reverse dependencies, I would like to ask you for a freeze
exception of ocl-icd 1.3-2.
  Having ocl-icd 1.3-2 in wheezy would improve the quality of
wheezy without any risk of problems for the distribution.


PS: during the previous weekend, at the Debian sprint at
Grenoble (France), I wrote a document that try to summarize the
situation of OpenCL in Debian. I plan to post it to d-d very soon
for comments and feedback, but you can look at it if you need
explanations about OpenCL in Debian:

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