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Re: Request for information about updating urgency of uploads

Hi KiBi,

On 25-06-12 21:12, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
>> I am asking you how I could request an override for the urgency set
>> in one of my uploads, as it is my understanding that *you* can
>> override them. It is my intent to document this fact, with the
>> proper procedure, in the developers-reference, somewhere around
>> [1].
> yes, that's possible: http://release.debian.org/britney/hints/README

Would you agree that the proper way to request an override is by filing
a bug against the release.debian.org pseudo-package?

If so, I propose the following text for the developers-reference (I will
create a proper patch if you agree):
You can request to have the urgency of your current package changed by
filing an appropriate bug report against the release.debian.org
pseudo-package. Please state the reason clearly.


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