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Re: Rheolef migrates to wheezy ?

On 22.06.2012 15:07, Saramito Pierre wrote:
Rheolef-6.1 is ready to migrate to testing, but its testing migration
status is:

  * 20 days old (needed 10 days)
  * out of date on armel: librheolef-dev, librheolef1, rheolef,
rheolef-doc (from 5.93-2)
  * out of date on armhf: librheolef-dev, librheolef1, rheolef,
rheolef-doc (from 5.93-2)
  * Not considered

The armel and armhf architectures are no more considered for Rheolef
since version 6.1.

The old binaries are still in unstable; they don't go away just because you changed the package to stop producing them. You need to get ftp-master to remove them, via an ftp.debian.org bug report; reportbug will help generate the correct format.

Is it possible to migrate now Rheolef to testing ?

Now, no. Once the situation in unstable is resolved, the migration will be automatically attempted.



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