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Re: claws-mail and claws-mail-extra-plugins in wheezy

On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 09:04:29AM +0200, Ricardo Mones wrote:
>   Claws Mail upstream has also set a release date for the next version [0],
> which will be on 27 June.


That would be cutting it very fine. If you are happy to maintain the
snapshot for the length of a stable release, I would suggest uploading a
pre-release version with the frozen pofiles *today* and then the final
version on the 27th.
Hopefully you may just make it in time...

>   If possible, I'd like this version to be in wheezy too. In case some new
> plugin is made available on the extra-plugins it will be not added, in order
> to avoid NEW queue and make this faster.

... unless it involves NEW processing. I would try and avoid that if


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