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Re: Is there time to get an updated audit package into wheezy?

Hello Andrew.

Andrew Pollock <apollock@debian.org> (19/06/2012):
> I'm wondering if there's still time to update it (properly) before wheezy
> freezes? It looks like it would involve a small library transition.
> Assuming I get the maintainer's blessing to make such an upload, what say
> the release managers?

This is horribly late. And knowing about the details would be a must at
this point anyway (… but well, yes, we remember the libaudit fiasco).

> I believe this has been tried once before by an NMUer, and went horribly
> wrong. If I understand correctly, this is because they didn't take the
> library transition into consideration. I won't make that mistake :-)

As {a,the} maintainer of the X server, I wouldn't enjoy having to deal
with possible audit-related breakages when trying to polish the X server
and the X drivers for wheezy.

All in all, I think “far too late” is likely to be everyone's answer.
See last paragraph of:

And it's been repeatedly announced we would likely freeze in June…


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