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Futur status of RoarAudio packages

Dear Release Team,

Ron Lee recently asked every maintainer with a package depending on one
of our libs to remove them. It is not clear to me why he did that. All
problem with our packages relevant for the new stable release have been
solved (I have only one wishlist ticket left on my QA page).

By removing all those dependencies he made the package perfectly useless
as it is backend software and is hardly useful without other software
using it.

In #675610 he writes "We'd like to have nothing depending on roar for
wheezy, [...]".

I'm not sure about the "We" in this statement.

Also I have not got any info from him or the Release Team or any other
Team as far as I know. (If I missed something please kindly point me to

I want to ask if the release team decided anything in this direction.
Does the release team want a useful version of the package in wheezy?

I'm not interested in any discussion but a plain offical statement from
the Release Team.

If the Release Team is interested in keeping the package there needs to
be a discussion (diffrent thread or on IRC, ...) how to solve the

If there is no interested in a useful version I will submit RM bugs
against all related packages I'm the maintainer for and suggest Patrick
Matthäi (the maintainer of the other half of releated packages) to do
the same. I don't see a point in keeping a package made useless and
wasting more of our and others time.

Thanks you for your help and infos.

PS: Please keep Patrick Matthäi in CC as he is no longer subscribed to
this list.

 (Rah of PH2)

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