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Bug#653903: qt4-x11 multiarch NMUs


Alle martedì 15 maggio 2012, Cyril Brulebois ha scritto:
> Thanks for the update. Out of curiosity, how many packages are left
> after those?

I think we are generally done, at least with the binNMUs I am aware of 
wrt problems due to the multiarch library path changes. There's only 
pykde4/armel left to build (it's Needs-Build currently), so a little 
bump for it could shorten its breakage.

The other issue I'm aware of is the qt 4.8 breakage in the plugin 
loading system on 64 bits big endian architectures (so s390x and ppc64); 
this prevents kde4libs (and thus kde-runtime and pykde4 as said to be 
rebuilt in this bug) to compile, and could affect compilation (either 
because of broken multiarch paths in kdelibs5-dev, or because of crashes 
in helper applications that load plugins used during build) of other 
sources. I fixed upstream the issue and the backported patch is already 
in the qt4 packaging repository, just waiting for a less messy situation 
of mysql...

Last, could you please giveback digikam?

Pino Toscano

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