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Bug#653903: qt4-x11 multiarch NMUs

Pino Toscano <pino@debian.org> (15/05/2012):
> > > > > - pykde4 (needs binNMUed kdepimlibs)
> > 
> > … so not scheduled.
> Could you please schedule it now?
> Note that it needs kde4libs >= 4:4.7.4-5, so please add a proper d-w on 
> that.

Scheduled on the archs were kde4libs got built already. Will schedule
the others later.

> On the same reason, kde4libs/mipsel needs updated qtwebkit, so maybe a
> small qtwebkit bump could help things.

Just bumped qtwebkit's bp.

> Also, you can binNMU (always with the kde4libs d-w constrain above) also 
> kde-runtime, and complete the last bit of the exiv2 transition.

Ooh, that is good news. Done under the same conditions as above.

Thanks for the update. Out of curiosity, how many packages are left after


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