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Re: next slbackup-php (and slbackup) release targeted for squeeze, important for Debian Edu squeeze release

On 19.01.2012 22:35, Mike Gabriel wrote:
Hi Adam,

On Do 19 Jan 2012 22:55:28 CET "Adam D. Barratt" wrote:

On Thu, 2012-01-19 at 19:42 +0100, Mike Gabriel wrote:
A new version has been uploaded to Debian sid (0.3-3).
A debdiff is attached to this mail.

Thanks, although I think there may have been some confusion.  The
intention is to build - and ideally test ;-) - an updated package on
stable and then prepare and send the debdiff between that and the
current package in stable.  Note that the packaging changes -
particularly the patch system change - generally aren't appropriate for
stable updates.

The package builds under Debian squeeze and it has been tested with
Debian Edu squeeze beta2+.

That's a good start. :)

The debdiff I sent is between 0.3-2.2 (which is in squeeze) and 0.3-3
(which we uploaded to sid). Is that what you demand above?

[I think (hope) "demand" might have lost something in translation; it's not a particularly weak word in English]

If you were to upload the package, it would need to have a version number between 0.3-2.2 and 0.3-3, so that dak would accept it; 0.3-2.2+squeeze1 would be conventional. It would also need to have the distribution set to something suitable, such as "squeeze" or "stable". I'd have expected those things to be in the debdiff.

Basically, unless there's any issues with the changes, one should be able to make the required changes and then build, install and test the package, send the debdiff and (hopefully) upload it without needing to build it more than once.

The package change: here is an issue. We have to apply patches to
upstream and there was no patch system involved so far (as upstream
and downstream used to be the same people, not so currently). How can
we address that?

The same way people did before quilt existed :-) - apply the changes directly to the source files. I realise that this isn't as clean as using a patch system, but it does help fulfil the requirements of a small and targetted diff without unnecessary changes.



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