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Re: Current and future iceweasel transitions


On 20.01.2012 10:40, Mike Hommey wrote:
> Seeing how things are (not) moving for Iceweasel 9, I'm pondering what

It would have been great if you could have coordinated the iceweasel 9
upload with the release team. From what I can see, this didn't happen
and has stalled the GNOME 3.2 transition for almost a month now which
has been very unfortunate.

> to do next: Iceweasel 10 is due on January 30 and I would like to
> promptly upload it to unstable. There is a major change coming with
> Iceweasel 10: it will be supported upstream for more than 6 weeks.
> The timing of this extended support release is not ideal wrt our release
> schedule, but at least it allows to keep a stable version in
> testing/unstable for other packages to rely on.
> Or are we heading for having a separate libmozjs package, which would
> solve half the current problem with new iceweasel releases?


At least for GNOME/gjs we are planning to use mozjs185 as soon as it has
been accepted from NEW and built on all architectures. With gjs 1.32
(the next major upstream release for GNOME 3.4) upstream has made
mozjs185 mandatory. So unless we patch gjs heavily we don't have much of
a choice anyway.


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