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Re: kfree-* , portmidi, Re: pygame

On Mon, 02 Jan 2012 11:28:45 +0100
A Mennucc <mennucc1@debian.org> wrote:

> hi, related to the pygame problem [1] is another question:
> will kfreebsd-* be a release architecture in wheezy?
> If yes ->
>   then portmidi has a release critical bug in it, it should

Whether any particular arch is a release arch or not, merely because a
particular package is not available for that arch does not mean that
the package has an RC bug. If it claims to be available and then fails,
that is different but a possible fix for such bugs is to not build the
package on that architecture. Many packages are specific to individual
architectures. The bugs would be in the reverse dependencies which
require the package but are still trying to install on architectures
where that package is not (or is no longer) available.

e.g. there are plenty of packages which are i386 or amd64 only - those
are inevitably missing on armel and mips etc. The only bugs would be if
packages in armel or mips etc. depended on these packages.

Wherever possible, packages must build on all release architectures
but if the architecture itself does not support functionality required
for the package (e.g. stuff that is specific to linux kernels) there is
usually little point trying to reimplement that functionality in the
userspace code.

In general, metapackages and Arch:all packages are immune to this
requirement - debcheck adds details to the relevant PTS pages but most
instances are not a problem.

>  be removed from testing [2], and at the same time pygame
>  should be built w/o it ;

The reverse dependencies would appear to need fixing. 

0: By removing the reverse dependencies from architectures where
the dependency is not available or

1: By patching the reverse dependencies to use something else or not
implement that functionality where it does not exist.
> The current situation is a mess, since 'portmidi' is in testing, but
> there is no kfreebsd-* binary for it (as if "no") - whereas
> python-pygame is not allowed in (as if "yes").

The current situation is that portmidi is waiting for it's reverse
dependencies to catch up with the requirements of the new version. This
is correct - portmidi cannot migrate until it's reverse dependencies
are fixed.

portmidi does not need to be removed from testing, it is satisfying the
release criteria and the migration criteria (hence valid candidate) -
what is broken are the reverse dependencies which still expect it to be
available on architectures where it cannot actually build or function.


Neil Williams

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