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Re: Bug#653053: ldap2zone: Sending email every hour fill up the mail spool

According to Philipp Kern, the stable release manager, on IRC, he agrees
with your email and we can use your comments as authorative.  Mentioning
it here to make sure the package maintainer is aware of this.

[Adam D. Barratt]
> What does the proposed change have to do with fixing bashisms?

Nothing really, but that patch was the one modifying the lines in
question, so I changed it to use syslog instead of printf.  Do you
believe the patch should be renamed or split in two with different

> I have to admit that my first thought here was much the same as
> Julien's - if the problem is that mail is being sent on the successful
> completion of a job which is expected to succeed, why is a change also
> being made to the failure path?

As explained earlier, I did this to bring the package in line with the
behaviour of the package in unstable.  I also believe it is a good thing
to do, but it isn't important to me nor important for the stability of
the Debian Edu server setup.  Should the change in stable be limited to
only modifying the success output?

I'm happy to provide an updated package with changes the way you want
it, and is very eager to get an updated package in place for the next
release of Debian Edu based on Squeeze. :)
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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