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Re: potential tiff transition, tiff 4.0.0 strategy

On Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 2:47 AM, Julien Cristau wrote:

> That makes me kind of nervous.  Which packages are those?

Potential packages from the security team's embedded-code-copies file:

        - wxwindows2.4 2.2.1 (embed)
        - gamera 3.2.3-1 (embed)
        - freeimage <unfixed> (embed)
        - libtk-img <unfixed> (embed)
        NOTE: there are two copies, one under tiff/ other under libtiff/
        - gdal <unfixed>
        - ia32-libs <unfixable> (embed)

Potential packages based on searching for tif_lzw.c in Contents-source.gz:

3rdparty/libtiff/tif_lzw.c      opencv
Source/LibTIFF/tif_lzw.c        freeimage
Utilities/itktiff/tif_lzw.c     insighttoolkit
Utilities/vtktiff/tif_lzw.c     vtk
VTK/Utilities/vtktiff/tif_lzw.c paraview
frmts/gtiff/libtiff/tif_lzw.c   gdal
libtiff/libtiff/tif_lzw.c       libtk-img
libtiff/src/tif_lzw.c   pylibtiff
libtiff/tif_lzw.c       tiff
src/3rdparty/libtiff/libtiff/tif_lzw.c  qt4-x11
src/TIFF/tif_lzw.c      ivtools
src/libtiff/tif_lzw.c   gamera
src/tiff/tif_lzw.c      libterralib
tiff/libtiff/tif_lzw.c  argyll
tiff/tif_lzw.c  xloadimage
v3p/tiff/tif_lzw.c      vxl
win32/libtiff/libtiff/tif_lzw.c sfftobmp



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