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Bug#630511: Please transition gnutls26 for multiarch

On Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 15:41:36 +0200, Andreas Metzler wrote:

> I am sorry you feel that way, but quite honestly I do not know what
> I should have done better.
> I have asked on debian-release very early (March 25), without
> receiving feedback. Then (in April or May) I asked #debian-release and
> was told to wait.  Then I opened a transition bug report in June
> without receiving feedback.  Then I sent a mail to the bug report in
> mid of July that I was still waiting for feedback. Then end of July I
> sent the above heads-up that I was going to upload real soon. 8 days
> later I did the upload.
> If you had told me to wait (another week or month) obviously I would
> have done that. I did not write "no matter what you tell me I will
> upload". I really tried playing nice, but this felt like talking
> to a black hole.
It was not in a black hole, it was in the bts, along with 10 other
transition bugs, waiting for somebody to have a chance to deal with it.
I didn't reply to your mail before now because that transition bug was
in my "to deal with later" bucket.

Anyway, now that it started and is blocking libnotify, I scheduled
binNMUs for the packages in the new libgnutls26 'Breaks' yesterday,
hopefully they'll get there without too much trouble.


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