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Re: Changes to Debian Installer release process

Quoting Otavio Salvador (otavio@ossystems.com.br):

> Mostly; the only addition situation we'll need to rebuild the
> installer is when the amount of translation changes for a specific
> language so we get the 'translation-status' file updated into the
> initrd.

We might need to find a way to avoid rebuilding just because *one*
language changed. Mostly because this happens really often..we don't
really have control about the translator's schedule and they happen to
commit things more or less randomly (with peaks when something is
changed in a string, or when strings are added: some like to be 100%
all time long..:-)).

As I'm watching all this very regularly, we could maybe imagine
something where the i18n coordinator can trigger an l10n-rebuild
because (s)he notices that a given language changed significantly
enough to be worth it....or because it has been too much time since
the last rebuild and many very small changes piled up.

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