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Re: [SRM] Stable update for libpcap

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your review!

"Adam D. Barratt" <adam@adam-barratt.org.uk> writes:

> So far as I can see from the diff and reading the log for #623868, this
> also includes changes related to #625443; is that correct?  The bug log
> there mentions that the problem only occurs with libpcap 1.1.1-4,
> whereas squeeze has 1.1.1-2 - is the log incorrect, or does #625443 not
> actually affect stable?

#625443 is caused by the fix for #623868 so it cannot affect stable.
I squashed the original security fix (#623868) and the additional
compatibility fixups (#625443) into one patch for this stable update, that
way we have the same code in squeeze and in wheezy (or we will when
1.1.1-8 migrates).

Romain Francoise <rfrancoise@debian.org>

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