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Bug#633460: pu: package freebsd-utils/8.1-4+squeeze1

2011/7/11 Adam D. Barratt <adam@adam-barratt.org.uk>:
> merge 633460 633475
> thanks
> Hi,
> Please don't submit separate reports for multiple changes to the same
> package; it just makes it harder to keep track of things.


> I notice that you've already uploaded the package including both sets of
> changes.  Whilst we're admittedly sometimes not the fastest to respond,
> a lack of negative reply does not equate to permission to upload -
> particularly when barely 24 hours have passed since the initial request.

Sorry about that, I wasn't sure if approval needed to happen before or
after the upload.  I'll keep in mind next time.

> In any case, I'm afraid I'll be rejecting the upload, due to the amount
> of cruft in the diff; e.g.
>  debian/patches/.svn/text-base/032_delete_key.diff.svn-base    | 2102 +++++++
>  debian/local/devd/.svn/entries                                |  130
>  debian/local/devd/.svn/text-base/debian.conf.svn-base         |   22
>  debian/local/devd/.svn/text-base/pci.conf.svn-base            | 1266 ++++
>  debian/local/devd/.svn/text-base/usb.conf.svn-base            | 2791 +++++++++

My bad.  It seems I somehow didn't have DH_ALWAYS_EXCLUDE when running
debuild.  Sorry again.

Those issues aside, are the diffs I presented acceptable?

Robert Millan

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