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Re: debian-edu squeeze release

Hi Philipp,

On Samstag, 4. Juni 2011, Philipp Kern wrote:
> Sorry, but we cannot judge this request from the information we
> received.  I guess the only answer so far would be "we might".  At
> least the nature of the changes would be interesting.

Mostly configuration changes to our setup of existing packages for our 
profiles. What has been released (as our debian-edu* packages) in Squeeze is 
not working.
"we might" is a great answer atm.

> (And yeah, it probably makes no sense for you to not use them from
> squeeze but from the overlay instead, which is what would happen if we
> don't allow it.  But a proper review needs to take place anyway.)

I cannot fully parse the first sentence. In recent year we had our own archive 
(we still have it...) with several packages from Debian modified. Today, only 
the debian-edu* packages are left with a diff.


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