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Bug#622279: transition: python-defaults

* Scott Kitterman (scott@kitterman.com) [110411 18:12]:
> This transition is the first major step of meeting the Python release goal for
> Wheezy. The plan in this step is to drop python2.5 and add python2.7 in
> supported versions.  The default python will remain python2.6.
> The affected packages have been identified:
> http://release.debian.org/transitions/python2.7.html
> Because the default python version isn't changing, these do not have to be
> done all at once.  They can be done in smaller batches so as not to impact
> other transitions or overload the buildds. It would be best to do packages
> that are used by other packages as build-depends.  

Someone would need to create appropriate batches and feed them to
wanna-build. Last time that was done by Jakub.  Also, this means
(AFAIUI) that using python2.7 isn't really supported unless that is

Also, while doing so, one needs to make sure to not block an ongoing
transition, i.e. only schedule packages which are the same in testing
and unstable.

Some of the packages are arch-all and need (at least as of now) real
NMUs to get updated.

> There are a few packages that directly depend on python2.5 that will have to
> be ported to a newer python version or removed, but the list is small and we
> can deal with them in the context of the upcoming python2.5 removal bug and
> not this transition.  They are:
> freevo
> gozerbot
> libtuxcap
> nagios-statd
> python-multiprocessing

Looking only at these packages, the can be removed from testing (plus
gozerbot-plugins), so that doesn't sound too bad.

> Of those, python-multiprocessing will definitely be removed since it's a
> backport of a module included in python2.6 and later.

As we want to get rid of python2.5, that sounds like an candidate for
an removal bug even as of now.

> python2.7 is already in testing. python-support, python-central, distribute,
> and python-stdlib-extensions will need updates.  I've discussed this with
> maintainers/uploaders for those packages. They have either been in
> experimental or are trivial to prepare and will be uploaded in coordination
> with python-defaults.


In sum, sounds good to me as soon as someone volunteers to create
appropriate batches for the rebuilds.


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