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Bug#616364: transition: python-numpy

* Julien Cristau <jcristau@debian.org>, 2011-04-04, 11:27:
Jakub kindly rebuilt these packages, successfully: brian h5py libvigraimpex magics++ mayavi2 nipy petsc4py plplot pygtk pytables python-scipy scikit-learn shogun .

All of these (maybe except scikit-learn) will need binNMUs. I can schedule them myself if that's OK for you.

Slightly worried about petsc4py as petsc is FTBFS in sid, but hopefully it'll be alright. Assuming Jakub is going to take care of the binNMUs, I think this can go ahead.


Could you please add it to the transition tracker? If I got the syntax right, it'd be:

is_affected = .build-depends ~ /python-numpy/;
is_good = .depends ~ /python-numpy \(<< 1:1\.6\)/;
is_bad = .depends ~ /python-numpy \(<< 1:1\.5\)/;

Jakub Wilk

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