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Re: [SRM] kvirc 4:4.0.4-1 for stable-proposed-updates [2nd attempt]


On Thu, March 31, 2011 10:54, you wrote:
> I'm a co-maintainer of KVIrc and upstream has just released a bugfix
> release for their stable branch (4.0). Debian Stable has 4.0.2 but
> 4.0.4 fixes some serious problems:
> CRASH r4795 fix for a crash when opening "join channels" widget
> CRASH  #878 Crash by fuzzing
> CRASH  #879 Another crash through fuzzing
> REGR  #1010 Channellist Background problem with Gnome
> CRASH r5289 fix for a crash in /exec (related to #0164)
> REGR  #1068 Perl was updated to 5.12.2 +latest Kvirc (SVN)
> CRASH #1093 crash on /list
> CRASH r5476 fix for a crash in regchan.showlist()
> CRASH #1098 Crash while pasting new topic over old topic in topic bar
> REGR  r5576 backported relevant patches to fix addon installation

>From a quick scan through the above list, many of the changes sound okay
in principle although, for example, the perl 5.12 changes aren't really
relevant as squeeze does not (and will not) contain perl 5.12.

> and several translation updates. No other changes (except a few updated
> meta files, like the splash screen, some Windows/Mac-OS-X-only stuff which
> isn't affecting us but I didn't feel would warrant a repacking and some
> formatting changes) where made, as the debdiff at [0] shows
> [0]
> <http://dev.carbon-project.org/debian/kvirc/kvirc_4.0.2-4.0.4.debdiff.xz>

Having excluded the .po and .pot files, I'm still left with a diff of

    109 files changed, 1804 insertions(+), 1407 deletions(-)

which is higher than we'd normally look at for a stable update.  A good
proportion of this is presumably the "formatting changes" which you
referred to.  However, many of these appear to be of this style:

-       KviEngineListBoxItem::KviEngineListBoxItem(KviTalListWidget *
lb,KviCryptEngineDescription * d,const char * modName)
-       : KviTalListWidgetText(lb,d->szName)
+       KviEngineListBoxItem::KviEngineListBoxItem(KviTalListWidget *
pList, KviCryptEngineDescription * pDesc, const char * pcModName)
+       : KviTalListWidgetText(pList,pDesc->m_szName)

which is somewhat more than a formatting change, and makes the diff rather
noisy and difficult to review.  I appreciate that simply updating to
upstream's new stable release makes things much easier for you but in this
case I really would prefer a targetted update containing just the changes
related to the issues that you believe should be fixed in stable.



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