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Re: Bits from the Release Team - Kicking off Wheezy

Am 30.03.2011 19:21, schrieb Luk Claes:
> Regarding reliability I'm doing some work regarding NFS, though one of
> the main outstanding issues is the race between availability of the
> network devices and the end of the network init script AFAICS. It would
> also not be a bad idea to have a discussion on whether the default init
> system should change to one that is more suitable to guarantee the
> reliability of the boot like upstart or systemd.


> I would welcome a review of essential, required and standard though I
> don't know if many would welcome such an initiative which could
> potentially have quite some impact without much visible gain. Anyway
> it's something which should happen in the beginning of the cycle (after
> a discussion with both the involved maintainers as well as the
> developers body at large) or not at all IMHO.

One of the steps required to make it possible to test alternative init systems
(on a wider scale) is to get the Essential flag removed from sysvinit (and
possibly initscripts), so systemd and upstart can be installed without force.
 This has been on my wishlist for squeeze and we should definitely get the
necessary changes into wheezy as early as possible during the development cycle.
Dunno if this warrants a separate release goal though.


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