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Bug#619117: perl 5.12 transition

Julien Cristau <jcristau@debian.org> (30/03/2011):
> One thing that came up is that we need to make sure all sid buildd
> chroots have debconf-english installed and not debconf-i18n before
> that happens (debconf-i18n depends on liblocale-gettext-perl, which
> depends on perlapi-5.10.0).  Cc:-ing debian-wb-team so this can be
> handled before the perl transition.

I guess we want to make sure sid chroots have the proper packages, but
experimental ones as well (so that test-builds are actually useful,
should they be needed), as well as wheezy chroots, for the future
t-p-u uploads?

Just wondering which chroots to check, I'd like to avoid doing grunt
work too many times.


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