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Re: Bug#617444: clamav: (PRSC) Please backport fix for CVE-2011-1003

Hi again,

> > Minimal testing of the squeeze-specific build has been performed; the same
> > version, although built for lenny-volatile, is being "tested" in
> > production environments. I'm now uploading to squeeze-updates.
> Unfortunately, the upload got rejected by dak.
> Please could you re-upload using "stable" as the distribution. 
> "squeeze-updates" is not intended as a direct upload target.

Fixed and re-uploading just now. Is that use of distribution names documented
anywhere? I had taken a look at tzdata, which indeed uses "stable", but
according to [1] all these are equivalent and I found squeeze-updates to be much
more descriptive, hence used that one.

Another related question: should one send a working draft of an update
announcement to somewhere? I'm used to doing that for volatile, but don't know
about the procedures for stable-updates.

Best regards,

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2011/03/msg00007.html

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