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Re: Bug#617444: clamav: (PRSC) Please backport fix for CVE-2011-1003

Version: 0.97+dfsg-2~squeeze1

Hi all,

> Apologies for not replying sooner; I seem to have missed this when it
> arrived.

Sorry for not getting to it earlier, hence we missed the deadline for the first
point release.

> Just to check: as far as I can see the SONAME hasn't changed in the new
> upstream version, which is a good start :-) Are there any other API
> changes which would mean we would need to rebuild any of the
> reverse-dependencies in stable?

To the best of my knowledge, there aren't any changes that would affect the
reverse depends. It's all internal bugfixes.

> If not then please go ahead with the upload as 0.97+dfsg-2~squeeze1 -
> assuming that the upload has been tested in that environment of course.

Minimal testing of the squeeze-specific build has been performed; the same
version, although built for lenny-volatile, is being "tested" in production
environments. I'm now uploading to squeeze-updates.

> As Jonathan said, the window for acceptance in to 6.0.1 closes tomorrow
> so it would be good if the upload could be made before the final
> dinstall tomorrow so we can include it in the point release.

Sorry for missing that one!

> Note that the versioning for the lenny-volatile upload originally used
> -2~volatile1, which was higher than my request above.  As a result that
> version will be adjusted to -2~lenny1 before it is released.

Yes, noted that one (and thanks Philipp Kern for fixing it without further
hassle). Future uploads to lenny-volatile will follow these guidelines.

Best regards,

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