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Bug#613735: transition: gobject-introspection

2011/2/16 Emilio Pozuelo Monfort <pochu@debian.org>:
> I'd like to start the gobject-introspection transition. The chage is in the
> gir/typelib file format.

Any news on this? I guess there shouldn't be much anything blocking
this, so it's just waiting for a transition ack from release team,

It seems majority of the packages have experimental uploads with the
gir1.2 packages, and as a sponsor of midgard2-core I'm also waiting
for the possibility to upload to unstable instead of experimental. The
packages without gir1.2 uploads yet are libdbusmenu,
libdesktop-agnostic, libindicate, udev, epiphany-extensions-more and
buzztard, of which all but the last one have Ubuntu gir1.2 packages
(their April release will release with all-gir1.2).

Thanks anyway already in advance for the transition work, whenever it happens.


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