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Re: [SRU] Updates for samba 3.5.6

Quoting Adam D. Barratt (adam@adam-barratt.org.uk):

> Would it be possible to have a debdiff against the current
> proposed-updates package which includes the combined proposed changes
> for the printing related bugs?  From a quick look through the separated
> patches, it looks like some of them modify parts of the code touched by
> earlier patches.  Is all of that set of patches really needed to fix the
> issues?  It's not exactly small to review, given that today is the
> advertised deadline for freezing 6.0.1. :-(

The debdiff is likely to show the same. I kept the 9 upstream patches
as they were in git, because the commit messages were clear about the
set of patches to be all inter-related.

Given the complexity of samba printing code (thanks to the clumsy
printing protocol implemented in Microsoft Windows systems), I
wouldn't advise for isolating these patches.

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