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Re: festival/speech-tools transition

Dear Release Team,

On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 10:18:17PM -0600, Kumar Appaiah wrote:
> I inadvertently started a speech-tools + festival transition, and made
> some errors in my previous upload. The current situation in unstable
> is:
> - libestools2.1-dev is the new development package
> - libestools2.1-dev provides libestools2.0-dev for facilitating binNMUs
> - lmms and stardict need fixing, for lmms, bug #614975 should take
>   care of things, while for stardict, I have verified that it is
>   binNMU-able.
> Please advise me on whether I need to do something else to make the
> situation right.

lmms has been fixed by the maintainer. Could you please let me know
anything else I could do to facilitate the migration of festival and speech-tools?


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