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Bug#616364: transition: python-numpy

On Thu, 03 Mar 2011, Jakub Wilk wrote:
> >Jakub kindly rebuilt these packages, successfully: brian h5py
> >libvigraimpex magics++ mayavi2 nipy petsc4py plplot pygtk pytables
> >python-scipy scikit-learn shogun .

> All of these (maybe except scikit-learn) will need binNMUs. I can
> schedule them myself if that's OK for you.

it is ok with me for brian nipy

> scikit-learn currently FTBFS with python-sphinx >= 1.0 (bug #588630,
> already fixed in experimental). I CCed this mail to scikit-learn
> maintainers.

thanks -- very soon fresh upstream version of scikit-learn will come out
which will go into unstable directly, so FTBFS of current sid version
will not last too long ;) (or I could upload experimental version into
sid if upstream release gets delayed)


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