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Re: suggested mcabber updates for 6.0.1


sorry for the late response.

On Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 09:20:51AM +0100, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>  The mcabber upstream contacted me and told me about a few things they
> would like to see fixed within squeeze because they consider them rather
> nasty or at least highly inconvenient for the users. I suggested them to
> file bugreports about the issues together with the patches, which they
> gladly did pick up - and now I am seeking approval for each of them
> seperately so that we can decide which one we have a good feeling of
> bringing into squeeze and which not.
>  #612797 - segmentation fault on status invisible
> <http://mcabber.com/hg/index.cgi/rev/3695266e16c7>


>  #612798 - segmentation fault when url_regex is set and OTR is used
> <http://mcabber.com/hg/index.cgi/rev/e09763e16e49>


>  #612799 - 2 FD leaks
> <http://mcabber.com/hg/index.cgi/rev/ee8657ff9aa8>


>  #612789 - command line corruption
> <http://mcabber.com/hg/index.cgi/rev/75a0a22bbf78>

Please excuse my ignorance, but how is _strmove different than strcpy?
Do the strings in question overlap and you thus need to do it yourself
so that different behaviour by the C library doesn't hurt you?

>  Additionally, I wonder if I could also get a fix for #596060 (lack in
> documentation) into squeeze in combination with the rest. No patch for
> that yet, I'll try to prepare that in unstable first.

That does seem out of scope for a stable update.

Kind regards
Philipp Kern 

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