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objection to util-linux entering testing as is

I just discovered that util-linux 2.17.2-5 is about to enter testing
while it is adding a debconf template and, of course, no single
debconf translation.

Is it really needed for me to object to this package, in this state,
to be unblocked?

I would at least have a chance to gather a few translations as,
apparently, the message that is to be given is important enough to use
a debconf note at critical priority in some cases.

If it is important, then it deserves to be
translated and I don't think it is good for our users that such an
important warning can't be translated so that they have a chance to
understand it.

I'm ready to do an NMU with added translations in, say, one
week. *This* is what I think has to enter testing.


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