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Bug#604166: unblock: tap-plugins/0.7.1-1


Alessio Treglia wrote:

> Please unblock tap-plugins 0.7.1-1

Here are the obvious reactions. :)

 - new upstream point release.  previous version is from 5 years ago,
   before the PTS learned about testing migration.
 - the proposed version has been in sid for about seven months
 - no open bugs
 - popcon vote: 473.  seems like a sizable, growing user base.

 - the new upstream version:
   + addresses some bugs:
     . 64-bit cleanliness
     . floating-point underflow handling
     . uninitialized values
     . dangerous typo in Makefile
   + adds a new and very simple stereophonic-to-binaural plugin
   + I haven't read the diff in detail, but it seems small and reviewable
 - the packaging changes are bigger than ideal for this moment in the
   freeze --- in particular, a debian/rules rewrite.  Do they fix a bug?

Maybe a more minimal update is possible?

Of course I am not a member of the release team, so if that seems like
a lot of trouble, it is probably best to ping them first.


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