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Bug#603396: RM: libdc0/0.3.13-1

On Sat, Nov 13, 2010 at 05:30:12PM +0000, Daniel Silverstone wrote:
> The version of libdc0 in unstable (0.3.23-1) fails to build from source on
> armel.  This is preventing the transition of the newer version to testing.
> However, the failure appears to be in code which is present in the version in
> testing, just not *tested*.

Do we know if it fails on other platforms as well?  If not, a binary removal of
the armel binaries of both libdc0 and valknut might be sensible.  Furthermore
the version graph as it is on the BTS doesn't show that testing's affected.  So
if you have some results for it, please mark the testing version as "found" in
the BTS. 

Kind regards
Philipp Kern

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