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fixing 604471/591615 (Malayalam rendering problem) in squeeze

There is a bug in ICU 4.4, for which we have a small and minimally
invasive patch, that causes OpenOffice.org rendering of Malayalam to not
work.  The reporter argues that the bug makes the package unusable for
at least one set of users (those who work in Malayalam).  I've attached
the latest bit of the email trail to this message.  As such, I have
suggested that the bug should be considered "grave".

The patch is to revert a particular change set's changes to one file:


Red Hat has apparently accepted this solution.  Their bug report is


I don't see an upstream report on this at this time, but the discussion
in the Red Hat bug report seems to indicate a thorough analysis.

Unfortunately, the version of ICU in squeeze is 4.4.1-6 and the version
in sid is 4.4.2-1.  I therefore can't upload to unstable and request a
freeze exception unless we were prepared to accept 4.4.2-1's changes in
squeeze (which .  I would prepare a 4.4.1-7 release for
testing-proposed-updates, or this could be handled in a point release of

I've copied the reporter so he can clarify/correct anything I may have
said here.

Please advise as to whether I should upload a to t-p-u.  I'll upload to
unstable either way.


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Jay Berkenbilt said on Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 11:12:12AM -0500,:

 > the patch and upload, but only the release team can make the decision as
 > to whether the change will get into squeeze.  It's very late right now,
 > so they will have to be convinced that it is a release-critical bug.  If
 > you upgrade the status of the bug from important to grave and justify
 > this, I will upload a new version with the patch that reverts the change
 > that introduced the problem and will request that the release team allow
 > a freeze exception.  They will either grant the freeze exception, or
 > they will disagree with the classification of the bug.  In the former

It is absolutely essential that this patch squeezes past the Squeeze freeze.

OO.o / LibO is one of the critical components for the desktop, and the rendering
issues caused by the bug renders OO.o / LibO practically useless for people using
Malayalam. This has been working well in previous versions of Debian / OO.o / LibO,
and it will be extremely disappointing for users to find the problem arising now.

While personally, I can wait till the next version of ICU enters testing, that is 
because I use Sid, and know reasonably well my way around Debian. 

I would rather that the Squeeze freeze is freeezed till this is fixed.

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