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Bug#603781: unblock: superiotool

On Tue, 2010-11-16 at 22:44 -0800, Matt Taggart wrote:
> I discovered that the version of superiotool in unstable was blocked from 
> entering testing due to not being built on ia64 (according to 
> grep-excuses). But looking at
> https://buildd.debian.org/pkg.cgi?pkg=superiotool
> lists it as being uploaded (although the "Last State Change" date is 
> weird). However the ia64 version of r5050 isn't in the pool either. I think 
> wanna-build is confused and this prevented the ia64 buildd from building it 
> and thus it was blocked for a long time from entering testing.
> Assuming it builds on ia64, this version should have been in testing 
> anyway, and allowing it in now represents very little risk.
> Could someone kick w-b and if it builds please consider unblocking?

Packages-arch-specific says:

%superiotool: !hppa !ia64 !m68k !mips !mipsel !powerpc !sh4 !sparc    #

i.e. the package isn't intended to build on ia64.  The out-of-date ia64
binaries need removing from unstable, otherwise the package won't be
able to migrate even if it is unblocked.

w-b should probably also be updated to forget that superiotool ever had
binaries on ia64 but that's orthogonal to getting unstable tidied up.



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